Build Better LA

More homes you can afford
and good jobs for LA workers
to build them.

It’s time to Build Better LA so LA works for everyone


You can’t make it in LA when half your paycheck goes to rent.

Los Angeles has the highest percentage of renters in the nation—and many pay more than 50 percent of their income towards rent. We live in the least affordable city in America and most of us are in danger of being priced out of our neighborhoods (UCLA, Harvard).

On average, you need to make $88,000 a year to afford a two-bedroom apartment in LA. Median income is less than $28,000 a year (UCLA).

LA has the largest homeless population in the nation. Nearly 26,000 Angelenos sleep on the streets, in alleys and under freeway overpasses.

LA is in desperate need of a solution. SCANPH estimates that we need 500,000 affordable housing units to accommodate the working poor. Problem is, the city has a budget for only 500 units per year.

This November, let’s work together to Build Better LA.

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